Two Chef @ Sin Ming

Located in the suburban areas of Sin Ming Avenue, this is one place we highly recommend anyone who likes zi char and want something different. They offer a wide variety of dishes which sadly, there was only two.

This was our second visit and I must say, some of the dishes that previously impressive me turn out quite disappointing. Still, they have dishes that excites my taste bud else I won’t be writing this article

Butter Ribs

This is probably one of their most popular dish and I must say, its really fantastic. The pork ribs is coated with a layer of milk power which to me, was very interesting. I haven’t tried this elsewhere and I personally didn’t expect anyone to create such a combination which turns out very unique and exciting to the taste bud.

Herbal Chicken

This dish is my personal favourite. The texture of the soup was thick which was to my liking and the portion of the chicken given was generous. They gave ½ a chicken which is quite rare to find these days. Definitely thumbs up to the two chef for this generous portion and wonderful dish.

Vegetable W/ Egg, Salted Egg and Century Egg

This was highly recommended by Yi Ting as the amount of eggs in this dish alone make her drool. This dish is served in a thick creamy sauce with spinach with layers of eggs, salted eggs and century eggs. For egg lovers, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this dish.

If you need a place to excite your taste bud, give this a place a shot. Great food and excellent service for a date that doesn’t hurt your wallet. No GST / Service Charge!

Two Chef @ Sin Ming

Address: 410 Sin Ming Ave, #01-01, Singapore 571410

Phone: 6451 3812