Chicken Essence – Benefits & Why You Should Use It

Chicken Essence | Benefits & Why You Should Use It

Chicken essence or Essence of chicken is the extract of from quality chicken, processed with high temperature, with no added artificial chemicals or preservatives, into an air sealed and bottled form to be easily consume.

While chicken essence has come a long way in the form of Chinese Traditional Medicine(TCM), its health benefits has been widely recognised by many Asian families for centuries. In modern day Singapore, chicken essence can be easily purchase in many retails from NTUC Fairprice to Traditional Chinese Medicine shop situated across the island.

Different Types of Chicken Essence

Brands Chicken Essence

When chicken essence is mention, many Singaporeans tend to think of Brands chicken essence as their main choice. Brands chicken essence can be found in all NTUC supermarket and many other retail outlets making them the most accessible option.

Eu Yan Sang Organic Drip Chicken Essence

First & only drip chicken essence that is Organically certified. For Eu Yan Sang Chicken Essence, you can buy it from eu yan sang website or any of their retail outlets situated across Singapore

Tian Yuan Xiang Double-boiled Chicken Essence

Double-boiled Chicken Essence is a traditional health supplement originated in south of Taiwan. The chickens are double-boiled for a whole day to extract one bowl of warm and pure essence. This process is time consuming and labour intensive making this method of extraction rare in modern times.

Hao Yi Kang Slow Boiling Drip Chicken Essence

Using water as an intermediary, it allows micro-molecular nutrients (Collagen, Peptide, Amino Acid etc) to be fully extracted. The high boiling temperature will also speed up the movement of water molecules, allowing the macro-molecular nutrients (Proteins) to be extracted

To enhance the taste & collagen of the chicken essence, small amount of premium pork ribs is added

Chicken Essence Promotion


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Price $17.95 $33.90 $52.90

Benefits of Using Chicken Essence

With the government of Singapore constantly promoting a healthy living, Singaporeans are more cautious on both their physical and mental health well-being. While we know exercise can strengthen our body physically, the food that we consume is equally important. Getting the right amount of nutrients will help boast the body’s immune system to combat against illness.

Below are some of the benefits of how chicken essence can help on your day to day activity.

Increase Productivity by Combating Fatigue

A study has shown that by taking Chicken essence daily, it can help combat mental fatigue and improves concentration .

Some of the signs of mental fatigue:

  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of motivation
  • Decline in Productivity
  • Insomnia

Improve Concentration & Working Memory


Chicken essence consist of protein & peptide which are the essential ingredients to help improve concentration and working memory both for the short term & long term.

Reduce Stress & Improves Mood


A study has shown that by consuming chicken essence daily, one can be more focus on completing your cognitive task which will help improve your mood.

With the endless list of overwhelming task & errands to be completed, it will adversely affect your stress level and ultimately, your mood.

If you find yourself easily irritated, chicken essence might be an option.

Who Will best Benefit From Using Chicken Essence?

Young Kids

If you want your kids to perform in school, you will want to give your kids all the nutrients they need to grow and perform healthily.

Chicken Essence offers a wide range of nutrients from peptide to protein, which will strengthens the working memory and improve concentration making it one of the most optimal brain food.

Pregnant Women

When pregnant mums take chicken essence regularly, it can help regulate their blood sugar and boost additional nutrients that will benefit both the baby and the mother.

Working Adults

If your job requires you to sit in front of a computer daily, it can be draining mentally. By drinking chicken essence on a regular basis, it will help improve concentration and combat fatigue making it one of recommended health food for working adults