Brothers In Fine Food – A hidden Gem in Tampines West

Brothers In Fine Food – Tampines West Community Centre

Located in a quiet part of Tampines, this hidden  gem is located on the second floor of Tampines West Community Centre. I was quite surprised upon arrival as it did not cross my mind that such a cafe would operate within a Community Centre.

The interior of the restaurant was nicely decorated with a touch of Industrial and Scandinavian. The best part of all, it was not crowded when we arrived even though it was dinner time which makes it a great and cosy place for couple on a date. People did come streaming in after a while.

The Menu
Dishes We Ordered
Butterscotch Beer (Non-Alcoholic)
If you are a Potter head, this drink will definitely catch your attention. Though it might not be the original Butterbeer sold in Hogsmeade or The Three Broomstick, it will still satisfy the thirst of  any Potterhead. This was the only item on the menu which Ariel can immediately decide on. (She’s a Potterhead). Anyway, she ordered the one with ice cream and she loves it. I, however, likes it better without the ice cream as the float version is too sweet for me.
Duck Ragout
As this was the first dish served, the tomato sauce increased my appetite, making me crave for more. The pasta, which absorbed the sauce well, was flavorful with every mouth. The both of us cleared this in a few minutes time.
Beef Steak


The Steak was served medium raw which was to our liking. Taste was awesome even though I don’t really fancy the beetroot thyme puree. (Ariel likes it though!) How can anyone resist a steak that is done so beautifully?
Iga Bakar (Beef Rib)
Apparently, this dish was taken out from their current menu but as it was an all-time favourite and their customers have been asking for it, they are bringing it back!! The beef rib was done to my liking and the sauce was a perfect match to the beef rib. I like the dried sambal candy (a special creation from their chef) which they used to garnish the dish as it tastes really unique.
If you need a cosy place to hangout & dine, give this a place a shot. Great food and excellent ambience  for a date that doesn’t hurt your wallet. No GST / Service Charge!