Fastest Route From Singapore To Malaysia Johor Bahru

With the long jams at the causeway between Singapore and
Malaysia (especially during school holidays), we are constantly trying to find ways on how we can get through the immigration checkpoints without the hassle of being stuck in the jam.
Typically, the waiting time to cross the borders via car is
around 40 min, inclusive of expensive taxes along the borders. Unless you have plans to do extensive shopping in JB, the taxes and wait is not really worth the effort.
By bus, it is even more unpredictable. We have personally experienced a 2 hour wait at the Immigration Checkpoint. It was chaotic and the experience is, needless to say, terrible. Queues are constantly being cut by opportunists and arguments arise
every once in a while as people ran out of patience.
What is then the best way to cross the borders? We recommend the KTM train which shuttles between Woodlands Checkpoint and Johor Bahru Sentral. The whole journey is hassle free and it takes only about 20 min to cross from Singapore to Malaysia, inclusive of having your passport stamped. The tickets are very affordable too! It will cost you SGD 5 to travel to Johor Bahru Sentral and RM 5 to travel back to Woodlands Checkpoint. However, you will need to book the train tickets 3 weeks in advance. Peak timings (e.g. after 5pm on Friday and weekend) are usually sold out very quickly.
How do we book train tickets?
Firstly, you need to find reliable websites that provide
online booking for this train service. Pte Ltd
We have personally tried both websites and they have serve us well. The process was simple and once the booking is done, an email will be send to notify of your confirmation details.
You will receive this ticket in your email. Do print it out for verification!


On the day of your travel, head down to Woodlands Checkpoint and validate your ticket in the office on the first floor.
The office where you validate your ticket
You will receive this after you validate your ticket.
Once you validate your ticket, proceed to the second floor and wait for the gate to open. You will then need to clear two Immigration checkpoints before boarding the train. The train trip itself is only 5 min.
Inside the train
Do take note that the train leaves punctually and the gate closes 10 min before departure. So do not be late!
To get back to Woodlands Checkpoint, you just have to take the train from JB Sentral. However, you need not validate your ticket there. You will just need to show the ticket which you received through your email.
The waiting area at JB Sentral
Do try taking the train in the next time you visit Johor Bahru! Once you have tried it, it will be unlikely you would consider other options in the future!