5 Things To Prepare When You Travel

With the school holidays around the corner, it’s the time of
the year in which travelling is on the list of many of us. Apart from deciding where to head to for your well deserved break, there will be things you should consider to bring along just to make your trip stress-free.
1) Toiletries
Indeed, many hotels provide some form of toiletries but nothing is better compared to the stuff we use daily, especially your facial wash.
For ladies, you will definitely want to bring along your own shampoo and conditioner as most hotels provide all-in-one shower gel and we all know what it does to the mane. No girl wants a bad hair day during her vacation!
For the gentlemen, if you have plans to travel more than 2 days, a
shaver is a must. A new shaving tool might give you a day of itch or minor cuts.
2) Medication
Medication is often not on the list of travel packs but I highly
recommend since you might be visiting a new place where the food does not agree with your stomach. If your body is not able to adapt to the new environment, chances are, you will likely to catch a flu or diarrhoea.
As a foreigner in another land, having to visit a clinic and using
google translate to get the message across will be the last thing you want in order to get the right medication. We suggest to always bring along some flu and charcoal pills.
3) Bed Bugs Spray
Going on a holiday is a happy occasion but to bring an extra
friend home, will be the worst nightmare you can ever imagine. As most travellers will be staying in a hotel (yes, even five star hotel!) or hostel, there will be a slight chance the bed, which was used by numerous guests, might be infested with some unwanted friends. Bringing a small bottle of this will give you an extra peace of mind.
4) Travel Charger / Power Bank
If you travel often, you would have experience that different
countries use different socket plugs. In Singapore, we use a 3-pin sockets whereas in US, they use 2-pin sockets. The last thing you would want is to be left with a mobile with low batt as you google your way around. A powerbank will also be useful if you are using a Wifi Egg!
5) Hard Copy Itinerary
This is my personal preference for things I bring when I travel.
Basically, when you travel, it will always be good to have your flight / hotel details ready in hard copy. If your electronic devices do not work, you still have your hard copy itinerary to fall back on.
With the above covered, I am certain you will have a wonderful
and pleasant trip when you travel during your holidays. Have fun and enjoy. Cheers!