Digital Door Lock

Digital Door Locks in Singapore

As of 2018, the types and models of digital door locks have increased significantly due to the trend and market demand. The types of entry method a digital lock can have will be using number keypad, RFID, biometric access, and/or Bluetooth access. Regardless of brand or models, a digital door locks will have at least one or more of the above entry methods. Some of them will also include a tradition key as a backup in the events of breakdown.

The keypad function of the digital door lock allows the users to store their passwords or keycodes for access. Users can also add, delete or change a new password at any time easily. Most of the digital door locks on the market can allow more than one password to be stored.

Digital locks that has biometric function allow users to gain entry using their fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner. Multiple fingerprint can be store on the digital lock, so it can normally accommodate a family size of 3-5 person. For office or companies will require digital lock that has larger data storage that can store hundreds or thousands of fingerprints.

For RFID (radio frequency identification) card access, it allows users to gain entry via a RFID card. This is commonly used in office and companies which allow their employee to gain access easily by tapping their employee pass on the digital lock.

Bluetooth access can normally be use using a smart phone. Switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and you may gain entry once you are near the digital lock.

Below are the specification of the different brand & models of digital locks which we can look into in order to find the most suitable digital lock for your home or office.

Samsung Digital Door Lock

Samsung digital door lock is one of the most popular brands in Singapore. It is widely used in most homes ranging from HDB , Condo, Apartment and Landed Housing.

It comes with high safety features packed with components such as finger print reader, card access and mobile application. It’s design is beautiful crafted with a touch of modern and elegant design with its price, at an affordable entry range making it One Of the Best Sellers in Singapore

With a wide selection of digital door lock from Samsung digital lock to choose from, you can easily match your preferred lock design for both your home and office.

At Urban Mind, we carry a wide variety ranging from rim type, deadbolt and mortise option to choose from that best fit your budget

Samsung SHS-H705 / 5230
Samsung SHS-P717
Samsung SHP-DP727 Digital Door Lock
Samsung P718Samsung DP718 Digital Door Lock
Samsung SHS P728